Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring by Ha Yuan Menu

I havent had a chance to update my blog since the past few months have been quite crazy for me. But figured it's time to share some of the work i've done lately. Thought i'd start with the menu board and handheld menu i worked on for Spring by Ha Yuan's new store located at Venice Piazza. In case you havent' tried this restaurant, it is well worth the visit, they have such yummy food, their lumpia is just love! :) 

Client wanted something sort of old school menu board  where menu items are in strips. so here's what i came up with . 

Below is actual instagram screen shot of a photo taken by Suzy Lee, owner of Spring by Ha Yuan.

As for the handheld menu i wanted it to consist of spring's interesting personality into the elements so thought of coming up with this cloud pattern and incorporating frames to emphasize the menu item sections I wanted it to be fun and playful and interesting. :)



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