Monday, January 28, 2013

Q kebab Wifi Zone Poster

Prost Logo Design

Logo design is for a pub in the Philippines. To those of you who dont know, prost means "cheers", hence the logo graphic. The design is inspired by the idea of a logo that is manly but still fun.

Yomenya Goemon Frequency Card

In case you're a fan of Japenese spaghetti, here's your chance to get the best deal at Yomenya Goemon located in greenbelt 3. Their pizzas are awesome too! Here's a frequent card design that i worked on. The concept behind the design came from  the tagline 30 spaghettis around the world...

Bonchon Tionglian Collaterals

I was commissioned by Bonchon Philippines to design the Collaterals for an interschool basketball event that they sponsored. Since the owners of Bonchon Philippines came from the school that had the color purple, they wanted the collaterals to be predominantly purple but still hip that calls out basketball!

Cake Design project

The concept of this cake came from the Groom. I worked on the silhouette design of the cake together with my sister, Rheena sy who is a pastrychef, ( This is the story of the bride and groom coming together to start a new journey in life- marriage and after.  Wedding was located  at the Historical Fairmont Hotel, in San Francisco, California.