Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Man Bus Design

Worked on this Man Silhouette bus design recently. Quick background-
Man is a German bus and truck manufacturer know internationally.

The Design based on Philippine landmarks such as Magellan's cross in Cebu, Malacanang palace, ayala tower one in makati, rizal memorial and others.

Client wanted to keep the silhouette within their brand colors and here's the outcome. It was featured in the Philippine International Auto Show. Here are some pics!:)

Geleia/ Melissa Shoes

If you all haven't heard of Melissa shoes, they are comfortable jelly shoes that are from brazil. Since i was a kid i've always been a fan of jelly shoes, so wearing these shoes reminds me of reliving my childhood but now they come designed with top designers such as vivienne westwood and Jason Wu.

I was commissioned by Melissa Philippines to create some in store color graphics for their stores. The design inspiration were based on melissa brazil's inspiration to come up with their shoes this season. Played around with pain drip effect elements, paint splats as well as rainbow paths.


Spring by Ha Yuan Menu

I havent had a chance to update my blog since the past few months have been quite crazy for me. But figured it's time to share some of the work i've done lately. Thought i'd start with the menu board and handheld menu i worked on for Spring by Ha Yuan's new store located at Venice Piazza. In case you havent' tried this restaurant, it is well worth the visit, they have such yummy food, their lumpia is just love! :) 

Client wanted something sort of old school menu board  where menu items are in strips. so here's what i came up with . 

Below is actual instagram screen shot of a photo taken by Suzy Lee, owner of Spring by Ha Yuan.

As for the handheld menu i wanted it to consist of spring's interesting personality into the elements so thought of coming up with this cloud pattern and incorporating frames to emphasize the menu item sections I wanted it to be fun and playful and interesting. :)



Monday, January 28, 2013

Q kebab Wifi Zone Poster

Prost Logo Design

Logo design is for a pub in the Philippines. To those of you who dont know, prost means "cheers", hence the logo graphic. The design is inspired by the idea of a logo that is manly but still fun.

Yomenya Goemon Frequency Card

In case you're a fan of Japenese spaghetti, here's your chance to get the best deal at Yomenya Goemon located in greenbelt 3. Their pizzas are awesome too! Here's a frequent card design that i worked on. The concept behind the design came from  the tagline 30 spaghettis around the world...

Bonchon Tionglian Collaterals

I was commissioned by Bonchon Philippines to design the Collaterals for an interschool basketball event that they sponsored. Since the owners of Bonchon Philippines came from the school that had the color purple, they wanted the collaterals to be predominantly purple but still hip that calls out basketball!

Cake Design project

The concept of this cake came from the Groom. I worked on the silhouette design of the cake together with my sister, Rheena sy who is a pastrychef, ( This is the story of the bride and groom coming together to start a new journey in life- marriage and after.  Wedding was located  at the Historical Fairmont Hotel, in San Francisco, California.