Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chez Karine Bakery Designs

Chez Karine located in Serendra Mall, Taguig is one of the projects that i worked on quite recently, in fact they just opened last sunday june 24th. I was comissioned to work on the menu design with individual illustrations to correspond each item :) 

My mini drawings- had fun working on this

Toki Q

Its almost midnight and im craving for food! it doesnt help that i tend to work on food related designs.

anyways, thought id blog about toki Q. A Rotating BBQ located in along wilson st. greenhills. I worked on their fliers, menu layout, logo and their box. I dont have a photo of all of them right now, but thought id post what i have with me at the moment.Not only is the food great, but its priced reasonably too!!:)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring by Ha Yuan

Quick Update-- Artwork Complemeted by Rajo Laurel, Fashion Designer on His Blog
Check it out 

Busy bee right now but i see the need to update my blog. 

Here's one of the project I've been working on lately, It's for the restaurant Spring by Hua yuan located in Makati.

A little bit of history, this restaurant was started by the client's grandparents so these are some of the tenets that they have gone by in order to progress in the food business. I myself have tried their lumpia and it is sooo delicious.
Client wanted something that exemplified the retro chinese/ vintage look.
I actually enjoyed working on this since I havent gotten a wall illustration project for quite some time.
Have major catching up to do with my design posts, so more to come in the next few days when i have time....

The owners had my artwork printed on wood :) it looks nice since printing it on wood achieved to make it have an even more vintage feel and it goes quite well with the surroundings.