Thursday, March 3, 2011

nanbantei menu proposals

Nanbantei, a restaurant located at greenbelt 3, is officially one of my favorite restaurants since i tried it last month. They serve a lot of grilled foods which i feel is a much healthier approach to today's rich food genres. They have a new approach to making nanbantei a bit more modern as well as still keeping the japanese look to it. below are a couple of menu proposals i had in mind for such a restaurant.

Home Along

Home Along is a houseware store catering to people in the philippines class C-D.
Their products are very affordable and products can be found in pure gold as well as branches in their retail store all over the philippines. Among my projects were to create a truck design that would serve as a moving advertisement as well as bumper stickers to be placed on philippine transporation such as jeepneys and tricycles.

Superbowl Menu 2011

Here's a sneak peak of the 2011 superbowl menu to be rolled out this coming month, watch out for it! My inspiration for this project comes from the views and experiences of old china town and getting back into the culture of asian cuisine. :)