Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I guess that in every designer's life, there have been moments of rejection and struggles. I have had a couple of those and today is one of those days... but its what makes me a better designer. Over the years I have learned to deal with such situations-- work in the design industry, its about pleasing your clients. Well at least for graphic design. I recall that when i first started taking up art & graphic design, I mainly focused on finding what it is i feel expressing it through my work. I am still able to do this but channeled in a different way. In each piece of work i do, there's a little bit of me in it.I guess a big part of me misses being able to do art just for me and not for anyone else...

Well on the brighter side of the day, I got my fist sale on my stamps. I normally sell my tshirts pretty well. oh and Some of my other tees were also featured in certain categories of the zazzle site without any hookups :)

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